Optical microscope Fluorescence microscope

Multifunctional compound type-MT-6000

The newly designed fluorescent compound achromatic lens objective lens can obtain the first vivid fluorescent image.
The ceramic base is not easy to be contaminated with dust, easy to clean, and not easy to scratch.
Can provide a variety of observation options, bright field observation, dark field observation, phase difference observation, polarized light and fluorescent application observation.
The focusing axis is designed near the base, which allows hands to easily observe for a long time without accidentally touching the sample stage.
The six fluorescent selection modules contain three sets of freely configurable spaces.
With the same focal axis design, there is no need to adjust the focal length after changing the magnification under the focusing condition.
Because it is equipped with an automatic voltage conversion power supply (100v-240v), it can correspond to the difference in voltage due to the use of the ground.
The entire microscope is imported from Japan.

Optical system : Infinity-corrected optical system (F = 200mm)
Lens tube : Binocular middle-fold type 30 ° tilt, pupil distance adjustment 53mm to 75mm
Camera tube : Camera tube (in accordance with JIS standard), C-mount
Eyepiece : SWH10X (field of view 22 mm)
Nose wheel : manual hole with 5 holes inward
Objective lens : flat, semi-apochromatic
.F10X (NA0.40 WD1mm)
.F20X (NA0.65 WD0.7mm)
.F40X (NA0.82 WD0.15mm)
.F100X oil (NA1.25 WD0.2mm)
Stage : ceramic coating, rack and pinion mechanical platform
Dimensions : 191mm x 128mm
Moveable range : 52mm x 78mm
Condenser lens (NA1.25) with LBD filter
Focusing device : Coarse / fine motion coaxial (total stroke 23 mm, fine motion 0.2 mm)
Lighting equipment Epi fluorescent lamp : high power LED lighting (CoolLED)
Transmission lighting : LED Koehler lighting (3W white power LED)