Polarization measurement Portable automatic film thickness measurement

Normal speed type

Non-destructive measurement method
Resolution: Can be measured in a tiny square area of 1.0 * 1.0 mm
High accuracy: can detect ultra-thin film thickness below 1nm
High reproducibility: Film thickness: 0.1 nm, refractive index: 0.001
Simple operation: no driving part, can reduce the trouble of calibration
Modular application: The head module is detachable and can be used in other systems

Measurement method: PCA
Reproducibility: Film thickness 0.1nm
Light source: Semiconductor laser 636nm Measurement point (square): 1.0mm
Angle of incidence: Standard 70 degrees
Table size: 4 "Measurement speed: 0.1 point / second Size: 220 * 250 * 175mm
Weight: 4Kg
Accessories: PC