Polarization measurement In-line automatic stress measurement

Mobile in-line inspection

Applicable for real-time production quality management, continuous full-width detection of non-uniformities that cannot be discerned by visual inspection, continuous online inspection of diaphragms
Applicable products: Optical film (PVA / TAC / PC / PMMA / COC), display and smart phone glass function Features
• High-speed comprehensive inspection and defect detection
• Instant screen display • Continuous recording • Batch automatic storage of records • Numerical analysis mode • Upgradeable Fixed type

Measurement range:0 ~ 260nm Repeatability:<±1nm Spindle azimuth range:0~180 Spindle orientation return accuracy:<±1 Measurement wavelength:543nm Measurement points:424 Transfer speed:30 [m / min] (Please contact us if you wish to use a higher transfer speed.)