Welding processing equipment Special welding system Parallel wheel welding capping machine

AF8500 / AF1250 / SM8500

Current control mode for sealing
Programmable electrode force
Most complete line of power supplies in the industry
Vision system Electrode roll-back feature
Automated magazine loader option

Maximum Working Envelope Size 6.5 in x 6.5 in (165.1 mm x 165.1 mm)
Lid / Package Size 0.12 in x 8.0 in (3 mm x 203 mm)
Vision Assist Standard
Automated Pick and Place Yes
Lid Hold Down Automated
Single Package Circular Welding Mode No
Partial Weld Pass Welding Option Yes
Multiple or Single Package Only Multiple
4-pass Welding Mode Yes
Double Sided Tacking Yes
Dual Pulse Capability Yes
Ramp Up / Down for each Pulse Yes
Weld Spot Density Control Yes
Weld Rollback Feature Yes
Closed-Loop Weld Force Control Yes
Programmable Force Range 500 g - 2500 g
Programmable Corner Radius No
CE / CCC Certified Yes
Dimensions (D x W x H) 28 in x 28 in x 17 in (712 mm x 712 mm x 432 mm)
Input Power 240 V, 25 A
400 V, 20 A
480 V, 13 A
Single or 3 Phase 3 Phase
Weight 120 lb (55 kg)