Force Testing System Test Stands

High Functionality Type Vertical Motorized Test Stand-EMX Series

●Achieves high repeatability with constant testing speed and angle, high rigidity (Max 0.25mm)
●Handles various testing such as durability or compression testing with wide range speed (0.5~600mm/min), setting of testing cycles and travel distance, and timer function (pausing time)
●Handles a wide range of testing applications to meet your requirements with options such as -FA (inner linear scale) and -L (long stroke)
●Enhances testing efficiency and safety with I/O for external signals, allowing for communication for interlock and starting operation, etc.
●Enhances testing efficiency with useful functions, including automatically detects contact point, operating pattern memory (up to 5 patterns) and automatic speed change at a set force value *Requires certain models of force gauge and optional cable.