Optical microscope Polarizing microscope

Simple type-EMZ-5HPOL

" EMZ-5H POLseries ", which is a microscope integrating EMZ-5H low magnification and wide field of view with 3W transmission LED illumination, sliding polarizer, rotary analyzer and rotary table is a special model that can be used for simple polarization observation device.
By using the low magnification and wide field of view that can only be obtained with a stereo microscope, you can observe and analyze the structure of the entire sample (total magnification: 7 to 45 times true field of view: 32.8 mm to 5.1 mm).
The slot provided for the rotary table can also be observed using color-sensitive plates and quarter-wavelength plates.
In addition to transmissive illumination, epi-LED lighting is also standard equipment, and can also be used as an ordinary stereo microscope or can. "

"Overall magnification : 7X ~ 45X
Field of view : 32.8mm ~ 5.1mm
Lens tube : Binocular, 45 ° tilt, 360 ° rotatable,
Adjustable left and right diopters + 8 → -7D range, eye width adjustable 54-75mm
Eyepiece : HSWF10X (field of view 23mm)
Objective lens: 0.7X ~ 4.5X (zoom ratio 1: 6.5)
Working distance : 93 mm
Focusing device : Operating range 55mm
Lighting equipment : incident light / transmitted light 3W LED lamp
Turntable : diameter 150 mm, 360 ° scale (adjustable center), with inspection board slot
Analyzer : Rotary Analyzer
Optional accessories: sliding sensitive color plate / sliding 1/4 wave plate / moving stage (for sliding glass) "