Polarization measurement Automatic stress measurement

Full auto wild range high-speed measurement stress polarizer

This series are a type that expanded the measurement range of birefringence and phase difference by measuring at three wavelengths. In addition to the standard type ,there are larger types whose measurement area have widened to A4 and A3 size. Features • Simple operation / High-speed measurement • A myriad of display modes and analysis functions • Displaying retardance and axis in real time • Measurement function of large retardance • Quality evaluation of molded lens • Further expanding the measurement range

Measurement range:0 ~ 3500nm Repeatability:≦ 1.0nm Birefringence image resolution:384×288 Measurement wavelength:523、543、575nm Field size: A5 to A3 (Different model) Interface:GigE(camera signal) Power supply:AC100~240V(50/60Hz) / ~6.0A Accessories included:Notebook,Standard lens,Operation manual