Optical microscope Asbestos analysis microscope

Polarized + phase contrast composite type MT-6800

It is a microscope specifically for asbestos fiber testing, which is the testing equipment conforming to the standard methods NIOSH 7400 and OSHA ID 160.
Combined with polarized light detection method and phase difference detection method.
High-resolution stress-free polarized objective lens, accurate detection without interference.
Provide multi-functional Abb condenser, which can be used in both polarized and phase difference applications.
Ergonomic design, the focusing axis is designed near the base, so that the hands will not feel tired after a long time of observation.
360 degree rotating stage design.
In the focus condition, there is no need to adjust the focal length after changing the magnification.
Because it is equipped with an automatic voltage conversion power supply (100v-240v), it can respond to the differences in environmental voltages in different countries.
The entire microscope is imported from Japan.
There is also a single function detection type device, please call to inquire.

Optical system : Infinity corrected optical system (F = 200mm)
Lens tube : Binocular middle-folded 30 ° tilt, pupil distance adjustment 53mm to 75mm
The DIN standard eyepiece KHW-10X compensation eyepiece is equipped with Walton & Beckett
Camera tube : Camera tube (in accordance with JIS standard), C-MOUNT
Nose wheel : 4-hole rotary bearing with centering mechanism
DIN stress-free Plane 10x, 20x, 40x and 10x dispersion dyeing and U.Plane 40x stage
Stage : 175 mm diameter rotary table
Ceramic coating 360 ° scale vernier scale including 2 fixing clips
Condenser : Absorptive condenser without stress (no distortion) (NA0.90)
Focusing device : Coarse / fine motion coaxial handle type (total stroke 23 mm, fine motion 0.2 mm)
lighting device :
・ Transparent Koehler lighting with blue filter (6V 30W halogen lamp)
・ Reflective Koehler lighting with polarizing filter (6V30W halogen lamp)
Polarizer analyzer : slide switch rotation analyzer (180 ° rotation)
Polarizer : splash type 360 ° rotation