Surface stress Desktop automatic measurement type

Special type for Double IOX and high precision of curved glass

Suitable for measuring the surface stress of chemically strengthened glass
Mainly used in Li-Na Chemical strengthened glass
No need to rely on reflectance distribution
Can measure curved glass
High resolution: Laser diameter about 10μm
The measured data can be integrated with FSM-6000LE The standard deviation of the measurement is better than SLP-1000

Range: 0 ~ 2000mPa Depth range: 10 ~ 400μm Stress accuracy: ± 20mPa Depth accuracy ± 5μm
Light source: LD 640μm, 30mw Application: Chemically tempered glass, DIOX glass, Thermally tempered glass Sample shape: Flat-1000R 10x10mm or more Prism refractive index: 1.518 @518nm / 1.530 @405nm
Size: 280 x 320 x 220mm
Weight: 10 kg
OS: Window 10