Optical microscope Biological Microscope

Inverted type-TC-5000

A new objective lens with high resolution and high contrast is used.
Slender and long mechanism design, does not occupy space, is conducive to placement.
The ceramic base is not easy to be contaminated with dust, easy to clean, and not easy to scratch.
The focusing axis is designed near the base, which allows hands to easily observe for a long time without accidentally touching the sample stage.
Single-sided sample fixing clip, easy to operate with one hand, changing samples.
With the same focal axis design, there is no need to adjust the focal length after changing the magnification under the focusing condition.
The voltage input is automatically adjusted, so it can be applied to 100V ~ 240V sockets.
The entire microscope is imported from Japan.

Optical system : Infinity-corrected optical system (imaging lens F = 200mm)
Lens tube : Binocular middle-folded 30 ° tilt, pupil distance adjustment 53mm to 75mm
Camera tube : Camera tube (in accordance with JIS standard), C-MOUNT
Eyepiece : SWH10X (field of view 22 mm)
Nose wheel : Five-hole left-wheel ball bearing type
Objective lens : TC PLANE / phase contrast objective lens
Ph10X (NA0.25 WD7.6mm) / Ph20X (NA0.40 WD7.0mm)
Optoin :
Ph4X (NA0.13 WD17.3mm) / Ph40X (NA0.65 WD2.8mm)
Stage : Flat glass platform 45mm
Dimensions : 160mm x 245mm
Moving range of mechanical platform: 112mm x 72mm lower right coaxial handle with test board bracket
Focusing device : Coarse / fine motion coaxial handle rack type (total stroke 9 mm, fine motion 0.2 mm)
Lighting equipment : Transmission lighting: halogen lamp (6V 30W)