Surface stress Desktop automatic measurement type

Thermal strengthening

Can inspect and measure the surface stress strength of strengthened glass
Can be used to measure Thermal tempering glass
The float glass must be measured according to the tin surface

Range: -80-150MPa
Accuracy: ± 10% (measured value)
Light source: semiconductor laser, 635nm, 5mW
Prism: refractive index nD = 1.64
Measuring method: float glass tin surface
Sample size: 100 × 100mm or more
Power: PC USB port
OS: Windows10
Size: 1.6 kg (body), 2 kg (computer)
Weight: 80 × 160 × 160mm (main body), 350 × 240 × 30mm (PC)
Accessories: notebook computer (operating system, special measurement software installed), standard film: 1 piece, refraction liquid: 20 ml
Optional: can be changed to a special range (0-80MPa / 0-200MPa)