Surface stress Desktop automatic measurement type

UV type

Can inspect and measure the surface stress strength and strengthening depth of strengthened glass
Suitable for measuring Chemically strengthened glass and Thermal tempering glass
Single IOX glass /DIOX glass can be measured
Dedicated image analysis and calculation software FSM V Standard / Premium
Especially suitable for DOL< 10μm

Range: Stress 0-1000Mpa
Depth 5-50μm
Accuracy: ±20Mpa
Light source: LED 365±10nm
Sample: Chemical tempered glass, Thermal tempered glass
Sample size: Flat over 10×10mm
OS: Windows 10
Software: FsmV Standard/Premium
Size: 280*600*220mm (head), 290*93*292mm (PC), 512*52*304 (monitor)
Weight: 14kg (head), 6kg (PC), 3kg (monitor)