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CD-P9000A Capacitive Discharge Welder

The CD-P9000A capacitor discharge welding power
supply is a field proven solution for welding applications which require precision, repeatability and low heat affected zone.
This power supply delivers up to 9000 Ws peak current in short weld pulses which are suitable for difficult to weld materials like hard, high strength, stamped or drawn steel.
Allows the use of much higher currents with low heat propagation preventing oxidation and surface decarburization resulting in joints that exceed manufacturers’ required pushout and torque requirements without damaging the parts.
Consistent and repeatable results eliminate the need for post-weld inspections, saving time and money. Pulsar welding power supplies are typically used in the microelectronic, medical, military, sensor and automotive industries which utilize a vast range of materials like kovar, invar, cold rolled steel, ho...