Digital imaging microscope

Zoom type-MS-40D-SAM1
Zoom type-MS-40D-SAM1

The small size does not take up space.
HDMI 60fps will not have the uncomfortable problem of image delay and will not be interrupted by PC errors.
Connect mouse to store still images / movies (25 fps) / simple measurement (optional model)
Using the HDR (High Dynamic Range) synthesis function, even samples with different brightness can be observed comfortably.
The lens with aperture can adjust the depth of field to provide clear, high-resolution images.
Lower (0.28X-1.8X) magnification and wider observation field to improve work efficiency.
Modular design has high flexibility, and can be arbitrarily matched with different types of light sources and brackets according to customer needs.

Fixed magnification type-VM-1V
Fixed magnification type-VM-1V

Excellent high-resolution picture quality
Objective lens range from 2.5x to 100x
Single objective lens interface or optional 4-hole / 5-hole nose wheel
Camera and fiber interface can choose vertical or parallel direction
Screen magnification from 40 times to more than 5500 times
Use an objective lens with a focal length of 200mm infinity correction
With coarse and fine focusing device
Can be easily installed on a flat surface and integrated into machine vision
The coaxial fiber optic lighting system is a cold light fiber optic device with embedded filters

High power zoom type-DZ-4T
High power zoom type-DZ-4T

Small size / light weight:
The small and light body can be easily installed on the instrument.
Large zoom ratio 12: 1 (0.83X to 10X):
You can achieve a wider field of view and higher resolution with a wider magnification ratio to improve application performance.
Extended objective selection:
Meet the best observation conditions, such as high resolution, long working distance and wide field of view.