Optical Profiler Multipurpose surface measurement


Widely applicable industries used in semiconductors, biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology and various surface processing, etc

1. Confocal microscope
2. White light interference
3. Multi-focal surface superposition
4. Z axis accuracy is up to nm
5. Easy operation
6. 3D imaging is possible
7. Optical detection is non-destructive
8. Calculate surface roughness
9. High color reproduction
10. Complete measurement and analysis kit

CCD pixels: 1360 * 1024 pixels
LED light source: red (630nm), green (530nm), blue (460nm), white (550nm)
Z axis Stroke: 40mm
Z-axis measurement range: PSI 20μm, ePSI 100μm, VSI 10mm, conjugate focal 10mm, multi-focal   surface overlay 37mm
Z axis accuracy:0.5μm / mm
Z axis resolution:2nm
Step height repeatability: 0.1%
Step accuracy: 0.5%
Sample reflectivity: 0.05% ~ 100%
Display resolution: 0.001nm
Magnification: Conjugate focal 2.5X ~ 150X White light interference 2.5X ~ 100X
Manual Table stroke: 200*200mm / 300*300mm / 500*500mm
Pneumatic Optical Table