Polarizing microscope

Professional type-MT-9000

A new generation of unstressed objective lens with high-resolution images.
The latest ICOS patent optical path design, the image is more accurate and non-distorted.
Metal body, durable and stable, not easy to shake.
The ceramic base is not easy to be contaminated with dust, easy to clean, and not easy to scratch.
Various accessories are available for different teaching situations or research units.
Accurate polarization angle rotator and various optical path difference wavelength plates can be selected.
The epi-light source and the penetrating light source are applied in parallel.
The focusing axis is designed near the base, which allows hands to easily observe for a long time without accidentally touching the sample stage.
360-degree circular rotating table.
With the same focal axis design, there is no need to adjust the focal length after changing the magnification under the focusing condition.
The entire microscope is imported from Japan.

Simple type-EMZ-5HPOL
Simple type-EMZ-5HPOL

" EMZ-5H POLseries ", which is a microscope integrating EMZ-5H low magnification and wide field of view with 3W transmission LED illumination, sliding polarizer, rotary analyzer and rotary table is a special model that can be used for simple polarization observation device.
By using the low magnification and wide field of view that can only be obtained with a stereo microscope, you can observe and analyze the structure of the entire sample (total magnification: 7 to 45 times true field of view: 32.8 mm to 5.1 mm).
The slot provided for the rotary table can also be observed using color-sensitive plates and quarter-wavelength plates.
In addition to transmissive illumination, epi-LED lighting is also standard equipment, and can also be used as an ordinary stereo microscope or can. "

Digital image observation type-MS-40DR-SAM1P
Digital image observation type-MS-40DR-SAM1P

30fps high-speed frame rate camera + 11.6-inch high-resolution screen
By adjusting the aperture, the Japanese zoom lens can adjust the brightness, resolution and depth of field of the lens.
The special equipment for simple polarization observation is equipped with a bracket with LED transmission illumination, a rotating table, a sliding polarizer and a rotating analyzer.
By using the wide field of view of a low-power microscope, simple polarization observation can be performed.
High-quality high-brightness ring-shaped white LED lighting is a high-performance ring-shaped LED lighting for epi-illumination. It can not only observe the rock slices, but also the rocks before processing.