Other Force Testing System

FSA Series

●Simple operation and easy setup for force-displacement measurements and analysis such as material characteristic evaluation and tactile testing
●High sampling rate (2000Hz) for accurate results, capturing small changes and accurate peak values by following rapid changes of force
●Allows complex measurement analysis using supplied force-displacement graphing software, capturing small changes with high sampling rate (2000Hz)
●Assists force-displacement measurements by zero reset of displacement values at chosen load values
●Handels a wide range of testing applications such as tension, compress and peeling testings with various model to meet your requirements and optional attachments

FRTS Series
FRTS Series

●Quantifies texture in force to evaluate the textural properties of food such as firmness, tackiness, cohesion, elasticity, etc
●Reduces testing time by selecting food sample or a test standard, and preset conditions from the touch screen to confirm measuring condition
●Easy to perform food measurements complying with the corresponding part of ISO, JIS, and more
●Offers easy analysis of force-time/displacement by graphing and data management with the supplied software as well as direct data saving feature to USB drive
●Various shaped optional attachments available for handling a wide range of testing applications


●Manual test unit specialized for simple measurement of food firmness
●Easily measures firmness or force to crush foods for a fixed travel distance
●Affordable lever type yet offers high repeatability
●Easy to clean due to the stainless design 2 types of attachments models available to suit for your samples


●Perfect solution for automatic crimp testing.
●Improves test efficiency with one-button operation, providing smooth flow from testing to data saving including OK/NG (pass/fail) judgement.
●2 modes selectable : BREAK mode for destructive test and KEEP mode for nondestructive test to apply specific force in set time.
●Capable of saving up to 26 test patterns, immediately recallable to suit various samples.
●Complies with the corresponding part of UL and JIS standards.